Our Vision

Uplifting & Enhancing Rural Existence

All remote and rural communities across the world, without exception, expect the same business and social services as their urban equivalents. However, today, most of these services cannot be delivered without modern connectivity and communications and, even when they can be delivered, they cannot be delivered reliably and affordably.

Connectivity and Communications RSA (Pty) Ltd. not only believes these service requirements to be essential but has found a way to bring these valuable social, business and government applications into remote and rural communities both reliably and affordably.

Our vision is to improve the everyday existence of the communities in a way that complements their daily transactions and gives meaning to life.

Having solved the infrastructure issues, we envision constantly providing new applications and services to uplift and enhance rural existence.

Our focus, first of all, is on communities in South Africa but there are many communities in the rest of Africa, and across the world, that will benefit from our TV White Space technology.