Value Proposition

What we Stand for

Our directors believe that our VALUE PROPOSITION is the most important part of our business model. It is THE most compelling statement for our customers telling them what the company stands for; how it operates; and why it deserves their business.

As Einstein wrote – ‘we should not strive to be successful but rather strive to be of value’.

We believe that we offer/deliver the best (most affordable; most reliable; most stable and most available) communications and connectivity platform on the whole of the African continent, which allows us to make essential services (social; business and government) available to ALL rural and remote communities in order to improve the meaning of life.

We teach our customers how to use a modern connectivity and communications technology platform (TV White space technology) to improve local communities, both socially and economically, and to create additional sustainable employment.

Most of all we build TRUST; we deliver on ASPIRATIONS and DREAMS; and we promise REAL and TANGIBLE BENEFITS that cannot be matched by our competitors.