The Directors

Meet the Board

As of January 2021, Connectivity and Communications RSA (Pty) Ltd. has three directors – B O Martins; S Siwale; and M A Jarvis

Each of the three directors is an experienced business professional having served in many different capacities, in many different industries – Financial Services; Energy (Oil and Petrochemicals); Telecommunications; Transport and Logistics; Aviation; ICT; Public Sector; Mining; Education; Media and Entertainment; State Owned Enterprises; Heavy and Precision Engineering; Retail; Computer Manufacturing; Investment Management; Corporate Finance and Private Equity – and in many different countries including UK; Europe; Scandinavia; USA; South Africa; Nigeria and Zambia.

All three have held senior director and management positions and all have successfully delivered major business projects connected with telecommunications (both fixed and mobile).

During 2021 it is the intention of the Board of Directors to extend the directorate from three to five members with the inclusion of two female colleagues who have specific experience with remote and rural environments and who are respected by the local communities.

Benjamin O. Martins

Benjamin is the Technical Director and is responsible for technical strategy and design, specific applications, and supplier selection and relationships.

083 283 7697

Sulanji Siwale

As Finance Director, Sulanji has direct responsibility for finance, investment, risk management, legal, human relationships, security, and administration.

081 039 8148

Mike A. Jarvis

Mike, as Chairman and CEO, is responsible for strategy and planning, relationship building, communities/costomers/prospects, service delivery and management, and overall performance.

083 327 6868