The Company

Our Story

Connectivity and Communications RSA (Pty) Ltd. was founded in 2020 with a strict emphasis on delivering basic social and business services via the use of TV White Space telecommunications technology to remote parts of South Africa.
The company is the operational arm of Connectivity and Communications Holdings (Pty) ltd. and develops the day-to-day relationships with rural and remote clients.
Its main aim is to ensure reliable and stable delivery of the various services at affordable costs, and it does that by: –

  • Determining the communities many requirements, and their volumes;
  • Establishing the PRIORITIES for implementation;
  • Agreeing the short and long term technical design;
  • Creating the Project Plans;
  • Developing the Economics/Charges for each of the services;
  • Finalising workforce needs;
  • Suggesting profit recognition and sharing (based on contribution);
  • Requisitioning and installing the technology and applications;
  • Communicating and marketing the activities, benefits and timescales;
  • Training the many stakeholders
  • Agreeing the metrics and monitoring delivery of performance;
  • Appointing the workforce from the local communities.