Looking Ahead

Our Long-Term Strategy

Connectivity and Communications RSA (Pty) Ltd. has a noticeably clear long-term strategy based around its long-term goals and, looking ahead, we expect every continent in the world, during the next ten years, to support the roll-out of TV White Space technology in their respective remote and rural communities. This infrastructure will enable the delivery of reliable and affordable digital services required by all.

Certainly, the regulatory authorities in most countries have already recognized the many disadvantages (political; societal; economic; financial; and technological) commonly experienced in the remote communities and have realized the need for policies and initiatives to introduce connectivity and communications to: –

  • Improve Social Capital
  • Provide Good Health, Nourishment and Shelter
  • Combat Low Incomes
  • Create Employment
  • Increase Security
  • Overcome Fear and Ignorance

We intend to encourage, support, and drive the roll-out of TV White Space infrastructures and to pioneer the elimination of the digital divide.