Key Activities & Processes

Driving Our Value Proposition

In general, the key activities of any business model must primarily address what drives the value proposition; and what are the processes involved with customer segments, community liaison and relationships; distribution channels; sales and marketing; innovative product/service design and development; and cost structures and revenue streams.

In the case of Connectivity and Communications RSA (Pty) Ltd. we deliver social, business and government products and services to rural and remote communities affordably, reliably, and stably via TV White space technology/infrastructure, using our own and via our partners’ resources. This means we have to focus on what creates and sustains value for the many communities that we serve – value, not only in terms of economic value but also in terms of availability, and reliability/quality; efficiency and productivity; functionality; performance and results of the various services.

All these activities and processes must contribute (individually and collectively) to building TRUST.