Our Reason for Existence

All our directors and partners are “CUSTOMER ORIENTED’ individuals i.e., we believe that the customer is our sole reason for existence and must become the centre of our focus. We also believe that our customer is an ‘external customer’ and, as such, contributes significantly to the whole demand chain.

The customer is the driver of our revenue and, consequently, is much more than a satisfied recipient of our goods; services; products and ideas. We believe that the customer is an essential part of our team and is key to developing and delivering the products and services that make us outstanding.

More specifically, our customers are part of one, or many, different communities in the remoter areas of our globe and have many different requirements. A clinic has a vastly different need from a police station; a farmer has a hugely different need from a miner; a Spaza shop has a quite different need from a game farm. However, all these communities are our customers. All require some of our products and services in one form or another and ALL DESERVE THE INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION AND SERVICE for which we have become renown.