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Connectivity and Communications RSA (Pty) Ltd. was established to provide remote and rural communities EVERYWHERE with available, reliable, stable, and affordable telecommunications services that are vital to sustain basic social and business needs and to provide meaning to everyday life.

Traditional telecommunications suppliers are currently pre-occupied with demands from urban communities and have focused on these as providing more sustainable revenue and profit sources in the short term. However, we believe that ALL communities need, and are entitled to have, the same Telephony; VAN; Wide Area Network; Broadcast; and Broadband Internet connectivity.

Our technology, business services and support are able to deliver those today to the most remote and rural parts of the world.

The Communities

Connectivity and Communications RSA (Pty) Ltd. has targeted ALL communities in remote and rural areas

The Company

Connectivity and Communications RSA (Pty) Ltd. was founded in 2020 with a strict emphasis on delivering basic social and business services to remote parts of South Africa.

The Directors

As of January 2021, Connectivity and Communications RSA (Pty) Ltd. has three directors – B O Martins; S Siwale; and M A Jarvis.

Our Values

The values of Connectivity and Communications RSA (pty) Ltd. focus exclusively on providing applications and services of the highest quality, driven by digital and communications technology, to remote and rural communities to enable these communities to improve their business and social lives.

Our Culture

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Our Testimonials

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Vision & Mission

Many, if not all, exciting, and modern business and consumer applications rely on digital delivery via good connectivity and communications and this means ubiquitous availability, constant reliability, high bandwidth with internet services and AFFORDABILITY.

Older technology, from the 20th century, involving connectivity via ADSL; Fibre Optics; Microwave; and Satellite is often unable to meet communication needs at affordable levels, especially in remote and rural communities. Copper cables, with electrical impulses, suffer from high expense and low bandwidth; Fibre Optical cables, with light impulses, feature splitting, curvature, high installation cost and potential damage. Microwave displays attenuation, height restrictions, RF interference, dead spots, bandwidth inefficiency and line-of-sight issues. Satellite has to contend with latency, data caps, reliability, significant cost, maintenance, and obstruction elements.

We believe, today, that TV White Space is the ONLY technology infrastructure capable of meeting the availability, reliability and low-cost demands posed by the remote and rural terrain.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the everyday existence of our communities in a way that complements their daily transactions and gives meaning to life.

Our Mission

Our mission has TWO key and critical tasks: installation of the TV White Space infrastructure, and delivery of many applications and services.

Our Goals

We have spent some considerable time thinking about both the LONG-TERM and SHORT-TERM goals that are SMART [Specific; Measurable; Attainable; Relevant and Time Bound].

Operating Today

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Looking Ahead

Looking ahead, we expect every continent in the world, during the next ten years, to support the roll-out of TV White Space technology in their respective remote and rural communities.

Strategic Approach

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Business Model

Our Business Model has been established to ensure we deliver on our vision, mission, and goals (providing remote and rural communities with the services to improve the real meaning of life) and it incorporates, within its framework, all the elements needed to create, deliver, and capture ON-GOING VALUE in economic, social, and cultural contexts. We have examined our clients’ needs and are confident that we can deliver what is required at competitive prices with sustainable costs.

The Business Model is our plan/solution for profitably exploiting our innovative idea, making money, and operating our business in a specific marketplace and it is our view of how the business runs (and should run) and not of how we outstrip our competition.

We hope you believe that our ideas make sense and that our numbers add up.

In this section (and the subsequent ones on products and services and technology) we have examined our targeted market segments (and how to acquire customers), our customer relationships, our key activities and processes in the value chain, our critical resources, our channels, our products and services, our technology, our cost structures, and revenue streams and, most of all, our VALUE PROPOSITION.


We believe that the customer is our sole reason for existence and must become the centre of our focus.

Value Proposition

We believe that we offer/deliver the best (most affordable, most reliable, most stable, and most available) communications and connectivity platform on the whole of the African continent.

Key Activities & Processes

We deliver social, business, and government products and services to rural and remote communities affordably, reliably, and stably.

Key Resources

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Key Partners

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Cost & Revenue Streams

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Products & Services

There have been many attempts to define the difference between a product and a service but the one preferred by Connectivity and Communications RSA (Pty) Ltd is based around products as tangible goods that are standardised, manufactured, stored, transported, advertised, and sold, and subsequently consumed at a later time and date. Services, by contrast, are intangible and are non-standard, bespoke (with high buyer involvement) and perishable, and are usually consumed at the same time as they are produced.

We believe that PRODUCTS have low customer involvement, low quality problems, are easy to exchange, have no time critera, and have specific inventories, whereas SERVICES have entirely the opposite.

Nevertheless, much of the Connectivity and Communications RSA (Pty) Ltd deliverables are combinations of both product and service.


Connectivity and Communications (Pty) Ltd has acquired or developed a number of applications (both generic and specific).

Voice (VOIP & VPN)

Voice telephony (and video) across the world has undergone a massive change in the last few years, particularly as a result of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Internet / Broadband

Broadband technology has revolutionised the internet by transmitting multiple signals and traffic types, and providing an exceptionally large data carrying capacity.

Broadcast / Video

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Mobile Services

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Security / Access

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We, at Connectivity and Communications RSA (Pty) Ltd., are determined to provide ALL remote and rural areas of the world with reliable, available, and affordable social, business and government services. However, many, if not all, exciting, and modern business and consumer applications rely on digital delivery via good connectivity and communications, and this means Ubiquitous Availability [Everywhere]; Constant Reliability; High Bandwidth [for Internet Services]; and Affordability.

Older technology infrastructure, involving connectivity via ADSL; Fibre Optics; Microwave and Satellite is often unable to meet these communications needs, at affordable levels, especially in remote and rural communities, Copper cables, with electric impulses, suffer from high expense and low bandwidth. Fibre Optic cables, with light impulses, feature splicing, curvature, high installation costs, and potential damage, especially in very remote areas. Microwave displays attenuation, height restrictions, RF interference, dead spots, bandwidth inefficiency and line of sight issues and Satellite has latency, data caps, reliability, significant cost, maintenance, and obstruction elements.

TV White Space technology is the ONLY technology infrastructure capable of meeting the availability, reliability, and low-cost demands.

TV White Space

TV White Space technology works much in the same way as conventional Wi-Fi but can cover a greater distance than conventional Wi-Fi and requires fewer access points to cover the same area.

Non-Line of Sight

Using TV White Space technology, this lower frequency UHF signal enables penetration of obstacles so that the DIRECT route is supported by a non-line-of-sight capability.

Spectrum Database

The Radio Frequency spectrum is in the range of frequencies from 3 kHz to 300 GHz and is a finite resource that is used for wireless communications and services.


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People, Things & Devices

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We regard overall support as mandatory


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Applications Support

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Technical / I&T Support

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Network Support

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Education & Training

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Emergency Support

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News & Events

One of the key activities of Connectivity and Communications RSA (Pty) Ltd. is to keep our customers (and potential customers) fully up to date on what is happening with TV White Space infrastructure and its implementation worldwide, AND to present examples of how remote and rural communities are using the many digital services made available by the technology.

We are fortunate in that conditions in our space are constantly changing (and constantly expanding), whether it is the technology of TV White Space itself; or the Applications that can be presented to our customers (on a fixed or mobile basis); or the regulations allocating and controlling the spectrum; or the communities in the different countries.

Nevertheless, we intend to try to keep all our customers as fully informed as possible. We hope that you enjoy and benefit from our features; stories; videos; and reviews and that by sharing experiences and demonstrations we can all be aware of what is hot and what is not.

Features / Stories

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Client Experience

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What's Hot

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Hello – How can we help? You can reach us by mail (and e-mail), by telephone, and by visiting our offices.

We know that you are all terribly busy (and particularly with trying to contend with the COVID pandemic) but please feel free to send us a note or e-mail and we will reply as quickly as possible.

Our website is undergoing an enormous development and we have some extremely specific plans that we want to deliver. However, please take a look at our website contents and tell us (honestly) what you like and what you do not like, where you believe we should make improvements, and where we should expand on what we are doing, what we have missed and what you need that is not provided currently. It is only by listening to our customers and communities – you people that are close to the action – that we will learn, improve, and most importantly, direct our activities into those areas that you believe to be important.

We Are Here for You.

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